Meaning: Sea

Origin: Japanese

Reason for Choosing: I discovered it recently and added it to my K list, which had very few names!

Opinion: I think it’s nice! Nice sound, nice meaning. I would not use it, but it is a very usable name!

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Meaning: Guide

Origin: French

Reason for Choosing: In light of Daft Punk’s new album being released early onto the internet, I figured I would honour Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (known as Guy by most fans, etc), who, with Thomas Bangalter, is Daft Punk.

Opinion: I dislike it. I dislike the sound, the shortness of it, the way it might be mistaken by English speakers as the slang word “guy”. It is not a very nice name and I would suggest using Thomas if one wanted to honour the duo

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Meaning: Fox

Origin: English (animal name)

Reason for Choosing: anyone who knows of my tumblr knows that I am watching (and liveblogging) The X-Files. Fox Mulder is one of the main characters.

Opinion: At first, I was astonished. Who would name their son Fox? It seemed absurd! But as I continued watching the show, I realized it is a very nice name! It’s sleek, with that x ending I do love (as with Beatrix). It brings to mind the cleverness and speed of the animal as well. No accessible nicknames and I doubt I will be using it at any time! But it is definitely joining Dean, Sakura, Yorick, Desmond, Castiel and Willow in my list of fandom-inspired potential middle names.

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Meaning: Whirlwind

Origin: Greek

Reason for Choosing: discovered it and thought it was nice

Opinion: I prefer the AY-el-a pronunciation to the AY-la pronunciation by far. AY-el-a has a nice flow and is quite unique. It would be very difficult to spell and prounce though, with Ayella being a more likely approach. The meaning is nice though, and encourages a free-spirited child!

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Meaning: lord, chief

Origin: Irish

Reason for Choosing: Mentioned on a nameberry forum

Opinion: I like it. Like Kieran, with a couple twists. No easy nicknames though. (Tier would probably be the best.) It is currently high in Ireland (and has been used for many kings and saints there), but not in the top 1000 in North America. Great unique choice with a lot of history!

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Meaning: laurel tree

Origin: Greek

Reason for Choosing: no reason

Opinion: I really like it. Well, I respect it. And I respect anyone who would use it. It has a nice sound, an interesting meaning (which is also related to nature) and a connection to a very good cartoon (Scooby Doo). It’s attractive and unique, but well known through pop culture.

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So apparently the names I’ve been posting for the past couple weeks actually haven’t been posting (??)… I’m really sorry about that! I’m actually pretty upset that I lost all of those names, but I guess I can’t really do anything about it now. *sigh* well I’ll start rewriting them tomorrow.

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