Well that was an eventful summer. I graduated. I went camping with my friends twice and went away with them a third week. I went away with my family for three weeks. I started university. I also abandoned my blog without saying anything. For that, I am sorry. Names will begin semi-regularly again tomorrow.

I love you all.


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Meaning: Laughter

Origin: Hebrew

Reason for Choosing: It was in my queue.

Opinion: I like it. It has a nice sound. It’s biblical, which could be either good or bad depending. It has an interesting meaning and it’s not overly popular. No nicknames though. But if you’re looking for a nickname-less name or you just don’t care, go for Isaac.
*EDIT* Ike is a nickname of Isaac. Not that I recommend using it, but it is an option.

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Advice: popularity

Pay attention to popularity, but don’t choose a name because of it. Do not choose a name because it’s popular. Seriously. That is one of my least favourite things in the world. Because it’s fruit too hard. And trying too hard is not cool. In fact, popular names usually aren’t cool either. Especially when your little Jacob or Sophia ends up the fourth in their class and last initials and bad nicknames become necessary. If your dad/uncle/grandpa/hero was named Jacob, go for it! I’m not saying it’s a bad name. Just realise that your child is going to have to deal with having friends with the same name. And popularity won’t save a name from being mispronounced. I know Megans and Emmas who have had their names slaughtered by teachers. Also, don’t choose names because they’re unpopular. I totally understand the need to be different, but naming your son Balthasar because it’s different is not a good reason. If you like the history and sound of Balthasar, go for it. But don’t do it to make a point. If you really like a name that’s slightly popular, go for it. If it’s in the top twenty-five, maybe try and look for alternates. But past that is fine. Choose a name you like and do the research, and you ought to be fine.

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Meaning: Lame

Origin: Feminization of Latin Claude

Reason for Choosing: It was in my queue. Not sure why… Maybe I should write this stuff down when I write down the names?

Opinion: Nope. I ought to like it, because I love the -ia ending. But it’s the Claud- part. It sounds like clod. Which is not an attractive word at all. Also, it means lame. That’s pretty lame (sorry, I had to).

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Meaning: White

Origin: Spanish

Reason for Choosing: It’s been floating around in my head for a while now. It’s getting quite annoying. I’m hoping blogging will get rid of it.

Opinion: I much prefer Bianca, a name which is also cultural an also means white. I find Blanca a bit blah, a bit blank. It doesn’t have an appealing sound, nor look nor style. It’s just kind of there.

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Meaning: Crown, garland

Origin: French feminization of Étienne

Reason for Choosing: I found it on this blog and it interested me.

Opinion: I like it. I would never use it, but I think it’s cute. It’s very frilly and feminine, which may be a problem for girls who don’t want to be seen as frilly and cute. Very French, relatively exotic sounding. The accent is optional (an I would omit it fro anyone living somewhere that doesn’t use accents) and may be confusing for some.

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Meaning: Bitter

Origin: Breton diminutive of Mariana

(Pronunciation: Mah-EE-nah)

Reason for Choosing: I found this blog today, which had posted about the name Maina. Very good blog, I suggest y’all check it out.

Opinion: Nice name, nice sound. Very original and unique, but maintaining a history. May have some pronunciation issues though.

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Meaning: **none**

Origin: Modern invented name; Heaven backwards

Reason for choosing: It stick out to me in the 2011 USA top 100 names.

Opinion: It’s atrocious. It’s sound is ridiculous, it’s near impossible to spell and to say and it looks horrific. It’s Heaven spelled backwards, so wouldn’t it be the equivalent of naming a child Hell? And it’s a very low-education, low-class name (much like Jazmyn or Princess).

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Meaning: Stoneworker

Origin: English occupational name

Reason for Choosing: The SSA released the top ten names of 2011 today, with Jacob being first for boys (continuing its 12 year marathon as number 1), followed by Mason. Sophia is first for girls, followed by Isabella.

Opinion: I like it. I didn’t realise it was as popular as it is, so I’m having mixed feelings. I think it’s an interesting name, if an obvious replacement for Jason. It’s got that occupational sound without being overdone or sounding too thuggish. It has quite a soft sound which is contrasted by its rough meaning. Overall good name, though bestowing the name on a child now will result in him being one of the many Masons from school/camp/work/sport when he’s older. (And Mason doesn’t even have nicknames to help differentiate.)

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Meaning: **none**

Origin: Hebrew place name

Reason for Choosing: I began getting rid of most of my friends on Facebook today, after getting sick and tired of status after pointless status about partying and drinking and drugs and angst. I didn’t get very far though, because I’m inept with computers (as well as with people) and it was taking a long time. I began noticing I have some friends with interesting names, so why not do a segment on the interesting names of my (ex-) Facebook friends? First up, Nazareth! He was from Mexico, but I met him on an exchange in Quebec. We called him Naza and he has a brother called Israel.

Opinion: I like it. It’s got an interesting sound and Naza is a cool nickname. Good way to have an unusual religious name without going too wacky. Very unique. I recommend it.

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