Meaning: from the Sabines

Origin: Latin

Reason for Choosing: discovered from this list on

Opinion: (Pronounced SAY-bin) I think it’s nice. I do prefer the feminizations, Sabine and Sabina. I really like it as a middle name; I don’t think I’d be brave enough to use it as a first name. It has a nice, strong sound with a solid end. The meaning is lacking a bit, but if you like place names, then it’s perfect!

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Meaning: Resurrection

Origin: feminization of Greek Anastasios

Popularity (US – 2011): 371

Reason for Choosing: Don’t have one.

Opinion: I like it quite a bit. It’s original, very pretty and has a lot of nickname opportunities (ranging from Ana to Stacy). It’s also well-known enough that people should know how to spell it. It has slightly tragic links to the daughter of the last czar of Russia. It can also be connected to one of the stepsisters from Disney’s Cinderella, Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey and the titular character of the animated film Anastasia.

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Meaning: Treetops

Origin: Hebrew, feminization of Arabic Amir

Popularity (US, 2011): 503

Reason for Choosing: Discovered via a random baby namer. I considered it for a character before I decided to give up on the story.

Opinion: I like it. It’s a nice sound, quite rhythmic, with a very feminine ending. It’s a very feminine name all around, honestly. Now of course it’s a feminine name and that requires a certain amount of femininity, but some names manage to be more ladylike than others (like Arabella and Valentina). These names possess a sort of fancy quality that makes then seem very dainty. Amira is one of those names. It has a lovely sound, an easy spelling, and a wonderfully fun meaning that will ensure your little girl is an adventurer.

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Well that was an eventful summer. I graduated. I went camping with my friends twice and went away with them a third week. I went away with my family for three weeks. I started university. I also abandoned my blog without saying anything. For that, I am sorry. Names will begin semi-regularly again tomorrow.

I love you all.


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Meaning: Laughter

Origin: Hebrew

Reason for Choosing: It was in my queue.

Opinion: I like it. It has a nice sound. It’s biblical, which could be either good or bad depending. It has an interesting meaning and it’s not overly popular. No nicknames though. But if you’re looking for a nickname-less name or you just don’t care, go for Isaac.
*EDIT* Ike is a nickname of Isaac. Not that I recommend using it, but it is an option.

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Advice: popularity

Pay attention to popularity, but don’t choose a name because of it. Do not choose a name because it’s popular. Seriously. That is one of my least favourite things in the world. Because it’s fruit too hard. And trying too hard is not cool. In fact, popular names usually aren’t cool either. Especially when your little Jacob or Sophia ends up the fourth in their class and last initials and bad nicknames become necessary. If your dad/uncle/grandpa/hero was named Jacob, go for it! I’m not saying it’s a bad name. Just realise that your child is going to have to deal with having friends with the same name. And popularity won’t save a name from being mispronounced. I know Megans and Emmas who have had their names slaughtered by teachers. Also, don’t choose names because they’re unpopular. I totally understand the need to be different, but naming your son Balthasar because it’s different is not a good reason. If you like the history and sound of Balthasar, go for it. But don’t do it to make a point. If you really like a name that’s slightly popular, go for it. If it’s in the top twenty-five, maybe try and look for alternates. But past that is fine. Choose a name you like and do the research, and you ought to be fine.

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Meaning: Lame

Origin: Feminization of Latin Claude

Reason for Choosing: It was in my queue. Not sure why… Maybe I should write this stuff down when I write down the names?

Opinion: Nope. I ought to like it, because I love the -ia ending. But it’s the Claud- part. It sounds like clod. Which is not an attractive word at all. Also, it means lame. That’s pretty lame (sorry, I had to).

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